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Bone Nut Blank  Approx 53mm x 10mm x 5mm   

wpe8.gif (51162 bytes) Bone Saddle Blank Approx 93mm x 11mm x 3.5mm (out of Stock)

Classical Guitar Compensated Bone Saddle 80mm x 8.5mm  x3mm

Mandolin Bone Saddle Blank  Approx 80mm x 5.5mm x 1.5mm       


Dalmedo Guitars 030.jpg (2412211 bytes)Pre Slotted Classical Guitar Bone Nut 52mm x 9mm x 6mm 

Pre Slotted LP/ Acoustic  Guitar Bone Nut 43mm x 9mm x 6mm 


Dalmedo Guitars 028.jpg (2656323 bytes)Acoustic Guitar Compensated Bone Saddle 76mm x 13mm  x3mm 

1 Set Bridge Pins with Abalone dots


Bone Nuts & Saddles